Trading and Distribution

BPMO’s Finance and Accounting Outsourcing Services can help trading and distribution firms find more time for strategic priorities while lowering costs associated with routine, day-to-day accounting tasks. Our technology driven outsourcing services offer complete visibility and control over your business and offers you the analytical data to derive scientific business decisions. With BPMO Solutions as your partner, you can focus on strategic objectives and core competencies of your business while leaving the back-office finance and accounting functions in the experienced hands of our subject matter experts who manage your accounting on robust technology platform.

With BPMO, trading/ distribution firms can not only outsource their F&A but also analyze the business data to drive strategic decisions – all on one single platform. No matter what the size of your Trading/Distribution business, we can help you understand and respond to your customers’ needs and requirements.

Some key advantages of BPMO to trading companies are:

  • Faster and more accurate supplier chargeback claims
  • Better and accurate decision making with robust technology platform – LiME
  • Better customer service
  • Significant increase in revenue growth and sales Volume per employee
  • Reduced days sales outstanding
  • Improved operating margins and better management of cash flow
  • Improved employee productivity
  • Lower cost of goods sold
  • Improved inventory accuracy and turns
  • End-to-end IT outsourcing to subject matter experts

Our FAO Services for Trading/ Distribution firms include:

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