Service industry is said to be growing at the fastest pace. With BPMO’s technology driven outsourcing services, service firms can take complete control of their projects, resources and service-related business processes. BPMO takes care of all the non-core activities and provides these firms interactive role-based dashboards to view all tiers of the organization, from business, resource and customer perspectives. With BPMO, service firms can concentrate on the services and leave the accounting and financial processing to technology driven outsourcing.

You can rely on BPMO, your partner in managing end-to-end non-core business functions, to help your business with:

  • Ensure compliance with ever-changing accounting regulations
  • End-to-end IT outsourcing to subject matter experts
  • Improve quality through proven best practices
  • Make more informed business decisions
  • Monitor expenses and identify cost-saving opportunities
  • Better and accurate decision making with robust technology platform – LiME

Our FAO Services for Service Industry include:

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